on the heights

heya, welcome to my own corner on the web. or as i refer to it, my castle.
this site literally contributes nothing to people. no game or interactive javascript, no dolls for you to adopt, no "you" section. this castle is just one big show off.
in my defense, this aint social media, this is whatever the fuck this is.

this site was made by a medieval knight who just came back from wandering around the forest. but i somehow got hit by a truck and now i respawn in this place called "earth". (you can trust me)

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site facts
  • this site's layout is inspired by the tumblr redux theme. but more specifically, the layout is inspired by the vibes of edited redux themes, minus the "stealing codes" part. why? because i miss 2018.(it should be noted that the entire thing is handcoded without the use of any templates. all by ME!!!!!!)
  • im not that good at html. im just a hobbyist webmaster who just likes to fuck around and find out, and i need a place to dump my art.
  • made this layout because i got bored of the old one. took days to finish, lots of crying and roblox glass table shatter gif were involved

if you wanna link me then go ahead, take my badge. feel free rename it, add it to a folder, print and then burn it, whatever. [note for future red, add this shit on the sites link page once you cleaned ut up]
the site badge